Connectivity solutions for business.


    • A great range of internet access products some without minimum term contracts.
    • More sales enquiries with inbound calling numbers.
    • Competitive charges without a minimum term contract.

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    What we provide.

    A wide range of internet access products, pstn services and non geographic numbers to keep you connected to your custoers and suppliers.

    Internet Access


    We provide a full range of internet access products from ADSL to leased line fibre optic connections. The new Full Fibre technology is rolling out across the UK, however you may not be able to get it yet. Your options will be determined by the products and speeds available in your area. If Full Fibre isn't available, we’ll offer you the connection with the fastest speed you can get at your premises.

    Key Features:

    • Low cost.
    • Easy to install.
    • 30 day contract term
    • UK support.

    Non_Geo or Virtual Service Numbers


    Non-geographic numbers (NGN) or non-geographic number translation services still play an important role in the contact strategy of businesses and offer a wealth of advantages beyond the 'ordinary' telephone number. For sometime now, many organisations have learned that the correct use of non-geographic numbers plays a vital role in an effective customer contact strategy.

    Key Features:

    • Fully itemised billing.
    • No call set-up fees
    • Calls charged by the second
    • No fixed-term contract

    PSTN Connectivity

    Whilst it's not easy to provision new lines from Openreach, it is still possible to arrange installation by Talk Talk Business. The proposed switch off due in 2025 has now been postponed to Jan 2027, to give people more time to get their communications sorted.

    If you would like a new line installed please contact us and we can make the necessary arrangments to get your site connected.


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    About Us

    We are a Managed Service Provider based in the East Midlands bringing IT and telecommunications services to businesses

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